台北希望廣場是新北市農會所管理,集合全國最優質農產品的農夫市集,新鮮嚴選 產地直送 安心選購是我們的訴求,位於台北市 有捷運、停車場、藝文特區、提供您假日最好的採買去處

Taipei Hope Plaza Famers Market is managed by the New Taipei City Agricultural Association and having wide collections of the best quality agricultural products from Taiwan. And to provide fresh, direct delivery and safe foods is our primary goal. With Taipei MRT, parking lot, and cultural zone nearby, here is the best place for your shopping holiday.



The Taiwan finest agricultural products here/全国最高品質の農産物はここにあります




“Taipei Hope Plaza Famers Market " has an atmosphere of joy. This is a good place for fresh agricultural products and seafoods. Meanwhile, you can meet the real farmers and fishmen who selling their harvest and answering your questions with kindly smile. Maybe you’ll hear a lot of touching stories about farming and fishing! The Taipei Hope Plaza Famer Market had become a “Farm Garden" for the Taipei citizens to enrich their leisurely time.

The Best place for weekends and holidays

Every Friday night and Saturday morning, here will full of trucks with fresh products from all around Taiwan. The Farmers and fishmen carefully carry and display their high-quality harvest before the market open, so you can always have the freshest products here.





The story of The Taipei Hope Plaza Famers Market/台北希望広場の物語


In 2001, in order to recreate business opportunities and bring “hope" to agriculture in 7 counties and cities in the 921 Earthquake Redevelopment Zone, the Agricultural Committee of the Administrative Council sought and find this place, tutored the creation of a high-quality agricultural products exhibition and sale point, opened up to farmers to set up stalls. And helping them overcome the difficulty of the earthquake through commercial vitality. This is the reason why the market named “Taipei Hope Plaza Famers Market”.



The strictly selected agricultural products from professional farmers/専業の農家は厳選された農産物を栽培しています


When coming to the Taipei Hope Plaza Famers Market, you will feel like treasure hunting, it is because here is full of the essence of agricultural products from all over the country. The “Taipei Hope Plaza Famers Market " intimately brings together the Taiwan’s best agricultural products or side-processed products with reasonable price for the people who live in the Taipei area.
台北希望広場に来ると、全国から最高の農産物を集めているので、人々は宝物を探しているような気分になります。 「台北希望広場」は親切にも、国内で最もエリートな農産物や副産物を高品質でリーズナブルな価格で集められ、台北地域の人々に高品質の第一選択を提供します。


Direct deliver and open market/産地直販、屋外の日差し、安全且つ衛生

“Direct deliver from farm, outdoor open market, and safety for health" are the core value of the “Taipei Hope Plaza Famers Market". All of the agricultural products are strictly managed and controlled by the production and marketing departments of major counties and cities in Taiwan.  The safety and health are the very first requirement here, so our consumers will not encounter any products from questionable origins.




Intersection of Linsen North Road and Beiping East Road, Taipei City


☆ 自行開車:
☆ 搭乘大眾運輸:
1、公車:37、49、205、208、232、253、265、307(南松山)、307(區)、527、604、615、671 於善導寺站下車後,步行紹興北街或林森北路約5分鐘即可達。

☆ By Car:

1、Freeway One:From the Songjiang Road Interchange, drive towards the second section of Zhongxiao East Road to the Hangzhou North Intersection, turn right and then turn left on Beiping East Road.

☆ By Public Transportation:

1、Bus:37、49、205、208、232、253、265、307(South Songshan)、307(Zone)、527、604、615、671 After getting off at Shandao Temple Station, walk about 5 minutes to Shaoxing North Street or Linsen North Road.

2、MRT:Take the MRT Bannan Line to Shandao Temple Station (Exit 1 or 6).

☆ 公共交通機関を利用する:
1、バス:37、49、205、208、232、253、265、307(南松山)、307(区)、527、604、615、671 善導寺バス停で降りた後、紹興北街又は林森北路を五分ほど歩けば即ち到着です。