Get your mind off drugs and alcohol, by walking into nature and enjoying the colors, the sights, and sounds. Instead, be present, look at the things around you and identify only facts. Say them out loud, what you’re wearing, where you’re sitting, what year it is, what city you live in, that the light is on, that the walls are blue, etc.

  • This is an important tip when you are learning how to stay sober from drugs.
  • Many people need more time to get the skills they need to continue sober life outside of a sober living program.
  • Whether you want to be a better father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, or friend ⎼ addiction is likely holding you back.
  • What little things are you missing throughout the day?

The Disease Model explains why it is so difficult to stay sober on a biological level. However, the development of addiction often has to do with more than the building of a physical tolerance. In many cases, people begin using chemical substances in the first place because of an underlying issue. Meditation is a healthy way to calm ourselves. It helps you become still and track your rapid thoughts. When you’re struggling to stay sober, meditation can help you refocus and bring a healthy stillness to you. It stops you from fidgeting or thinking of scenarios where you’d end up drinking.

Addicts and alcoholics do a lot of talking, but very little doing. They make grand plans to take trips and go to festivals and do all of these glorious summer activities, but then Labor Day arrives, and they’ve accomplished nothing.


A therapist can help you learn new coping skills, develop new thinking patterns, and address any co-occurring mental health conditions that may make recovery more difficult. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome involves experiencing withdrawal symptoms that persist past the detox period. Such symptoms are often related to mood and may include irritability, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and sleep problems. It may seem that relapse is the last thing that could happen to you, but the truth is they are very common for people new to recovery. When someone with an addiction looks in the mirror, it may be difficult to see much more than the substance, much more than the pressure of the addiction closing in. Once the eyes begin to clear on the road to recovery, the face in the mirror looking back brightens.

  • The fortunate ones are the ones who find their way to a great treatment facility.
  • There is something about friendships in recovery that is magical.
  • The next step is to talk to someone about those feelings.

Something simple like working at your local deli. Choose your hours and fill up that idle time. You’ll save money on gas, potentially groceries, and keep yourself busy in a productive manner.

How Can I Get Sober Without Aa?

You can also dedicate your time to online communities. Blog your progress or post in sober-friendly discussion forums . While it’s true, people on the internet can be cut throat, if you find the right community, you’ll find nothing but support. Tell your story, address your struggles and don’t be afraid to be open with others. You can always reach out to the I Am Sober app community and receive some healthy support there as well. To prevent a relapse, one of the best things you can do is manage your time wisely. Again, there’s a lot of hours in the day and you will feel each hour tick by at a snail’s pace, especially when cravings occur.

Recently put in mental facility for taking 5 valiums, suicide watch. They had total control and I was unable to get needed medications. I also suffer from chronic pain from 13 bone surgery’s, some were life changing. After that my Dr of 22 yrs stopped giving me medications. I will run out today, my pain management is 11 days away. Baffling disease, and hard to control without some medical help.

reasons to stay sober

You will end up either in jail or prison, in a psychiatric facility, or sober. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when substance use is stopped abruptly. Our Services include a full continuum of care designed to help through every step of the recovery process. I’m trying to take care of myself, and you want me to take care of an animal? But in reality a pet provides multiple benefits.

I didn’t think I’d ever feel an inch of happiness. By the end of tonight I felt a bit of my old self. When I got sober and beat my addictions my life didn’t magically get better, It just stopped being worse. A lot of my problems disappeared but I eventually began to realize that I had sacrificed all the extreme lows in my life but none of the highs seem to ever come back. Yes sobriety is good for your sleep, finances, productivity and free time . I found after becoming sober that people wanted to be around me. All these things mean nothing to me anymore.

Jun 6 Reasons To Stay Sober

In your imagination, give the ball to your past self and watch as your love surrounds and eventually engulfs them. This is exercise is a little out there, but it has proven to be beneficial for staying sober. When you feel yourself needing a drink, start reminding yourself what you’re thankful for. You can do this out loud or silently to yourself, but start reciting all the things you’re thankful for and appreciative of. Studies have shown that gratitude can improve your mental wellbeing and actually help you make better decisions. Whether it’s a hike or a nice park, heading into nature is a good way to watch the natural world moving and slow down your thinking.

  • Drinking while upset just fueled the fire and added to the list of problems.
  • Drugs and alcohol can cause damage to the body and create wearisome consequences.
  • So once you’re reinserted into your daily life with the same routine as before — minus the alcohol — it’s undersandable why someone would struggle adjusting to staying sober.
  • Beth is a Minnesota girl who got sober at age 20.

This is in stark contrast to alcohol and addiction in general which foster short-term rewards. So, use your sober brain to think about the long-term consequences to your short-term reward and recognize what it would do to your life. After going through addiction treatment, many people find renewed confidence and vigor, and are motivated to pursue a substance free life with everything they have. However, as with anything, even those that have recovered from addiction are not perfect, and fatigue sometimes sets in. How many hours do you spend on your addiction every day? When that dependence no longer exists, you will have so much more time to focus on the things that positively impact your life.

Alcohol Withdrawal Insomnia Explained

It’s not just your drinking buddies and drug dealers who can get you into trouble—sometimes those who are closest to you can contribute to a relapse. But for most people, staying sober isn’t that straightforward. The more strategies you learn to identify triggers, cope with stress, and manage your new sober life, the easier it is to prevent relapse. It is no secret that drugs and alcohol kill. And even if you claim to have your substance abuse under control, you know deep down that you are playing Russian roulette with your life. The only way to stop risking your life is by quitting. Many people drink and use because they are afraid of dying.

However, since my wife is my best friend, I continue to try to find happiness away from alcohol. In the end, though, I’ll probably go back to drinking, leave my wife and move far, far away from everyone. I’ll code a lot and drink myself to death happily. When you’re sober, you have more time and mental energy to spend on the people who matter most to you. Without the distraction of wondering when you can go get drunk or high, you’ll be able to stay physically and emotionally present with others. You’ll probably find that the important relationships in your life mean more to you than drugs or alcohol ever did. Because you have goals for the future, ones that you can attain.

reasons to stay sober

Your body has gotten rid of the substance it used to crave, drastically lowering your tolerance. Your brain, however, craves the last amount of substances used. Reintroducing a high quantity of substances again, no matter how in control you think your using again could be, could lead to disastrous and even deadly effects. It’s like forgetting to swim, and diving back into the ocean. You are just as likely to drown as you are to swim again, but you’re choosing to swim with hungry sharks, not passive fish. Your sobriety is your new life for a reason, and you don’t want to jeopardize that in the slightest.

According to theJournal of Psychoactive Drugs, theaverage stayin a sober living program was between 166 and 254 days . You might need more time to achieve long-term sobriety. I can relate- my life is not sparkly yet despite cutting out wine for 7 months. I’m even more isolated now than when I was drinking. Physically healthy but lacking close relationships right now. And the craziest part is that the people being the most judgemental and nasty still abuse alcohol. I’ve never crashed a car or received a DUI, never drunk while pregnant, never been fired from a job, never punched someone in a bar, and never set the house on fire.

Reasons To Get Sober In 2019

Just about to hit my year sober mark next month. A friend told me about this site, I have navigated the last year without support, aside from a very supportive girlfriend. Call us today and let’s get you started on the path to a better you.

Prayer is a way to speak openly and honestly and put into words what you’re feeling in the moment. Regardless of how you feel about AA , it’s beneficial to go to meetings to hear what others have to say. Listen reasons to stay sober to the community and recognize you’re not alone, others are in a similar situation. The meetings help reinforce what you know, but give a sense of community. Multiple facilities tailored to your personal needs.

reasons to stay sober

If you don’t drink, you won’t have to nurse a hangover in addition to trying to muddle through whatever issues you are facing. Such issues are more easily faced with a clear head and healthy body. Marijuana users are also more likely to live with schizophrenia, and experience paranoia and hallucinations. Prolonged marijuana and alcohol use reduces the chances of graduation from both high school and college. Additionally, women who use drugs enter the workforce later than women who don’t. In general, drug use can lead to workplace theft and distraction from the job due to thinking about using or getting drugs.

Keep pushing forward in your career and with your co-workers, as well as your life on a whole, by kicking your addiction and staying sober. The new year is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to make some real changes. If you are struggling with drugs and alcohol, why not make this the year you change your life? Below are 19 reasons to get sober this upcoming year. Physically, doing drugs can lead to a plethora of health complications. Drug addicts damage their cardiovascular system, nervous system, respiratory system, and more. They’re more likely to look haggard or have aged skin.

For those who face this daily challenge, it seems “easier” to just drown away the world’s troubles. Every person struggling with alcohol or drug addiction needs a go-to list. This list outlines why it is so important and valuable to get and stay sober. Only you can create that list – it defines what’s so valuable to you that it is worth the hard work and effort to put down the drink and to walk away from the drugs.

You have a reason to use–in fact, you probably have several reasons to use. In Alcoholics Anonymous, there are two sayings about the path of active addiction.

Turnbridge operates leading mental health and substance abuse treatment programs throughout Connecticut. This blog is a resource for people seeking addiction and mental health recovery information and inspiration, and the latest Turnbridge news and events. This is an important tip when you are learning how to stay sober from drugs.

Spending quality time with family and friends can be nourishment to the soul. Many of us remember how we wasted time in our addiction when we could have been spending it with the people we cared about. Stay connected with loved ones and make long-lasting, happy memories. Keeping up with a drug and alcohol habit takes a lot of effort. Recovering from addiction takes an immense amount of strength.